Kishorit’s Project for Youth with Special Needs

Twelve adolescents with Psychiatric Disorders who learn at Ziv-Kishorit Special Education school, will participate in this weekly program. It will be held in Kishorit’s stable, near Karmiel (Galilee).

With the horses, in a non-threating environment, the adolescents will improve their ability to deal with every-day life tasks and social skills. Through riding and equine activities, they will gain self-awareness as well as self-confidence

TR for Adolescents with Special Needs:

3,000 NIS / $870

Per week for a group of 12 participants

Kishorit’s stable is a highly professional Therapeutic Riding Center, located next to the school. It provides services to adults with special needs who live in Kishorit*. Unfortunately, because a lack of budget, pupils from The Ziv Kishorit School could not benefit from the services. Israel Mitzvah Horses (IMH) created this program to allow them to enjoy the horses as well.

* Kishorit is a home for life for adults with special needs in the Western Galilee. It is a supportive community that provides a continuum of residential, social and vocational services.

Kishorit Project