Update on Veterans with PTSD Equine Assisted Therapy Project
Dr Anita Shkedi September 2018

IMH continues to fund a very successful Equine Assisted Activities project at INTRA for five young IDF veterans who have suffered posttraumatic stress disorder during combat duty.

Each week, veterans who live in the greater Tel Aviv area spend four hours at INTRA. During that time, they find moments of pleasure while taking care of their horses and having a riding lesson.

‘Hanging out’ with horses, veterans have noted that many of their internal pressures, flashbacks and fears become manageable. Progressing in riding skills, encourages focus and fun that produces feelings, of desire and control again. Feeling empowered after many years, brings back smiles, a quick step and the need to come the following week. Experiencing the power of non- verbal communication, builds bonding with the horses, a sense of understanding and caring for each other.   Veterans report that they have found new self-management skills that helps them with intergenerational relationships at home and in other places.

To date, one veteran has left the group for personal reasons, but there was a new one waiting in the wings to take the place.

IMH can be well pleased with this project, which must grow. It has already altered the lives of several young people who had almost given up hope.

We look forward to serving more veterans, thank you IMH.

Dr. Anita Shkedi Joins IMH!!

Admired internationally for her decades of dedicated, skilled work using Equine Therapy, Dr. Shkedi joins IMH. She will run a new project of treatment and research on the effect of Therapeutic Riding on soldiers with PTSD.

IMH Upgrades Existing Riding Centers

IMH staff, especially Laurence Ikan, is now consulting to existing riding centers in order to improve their Therapeutic Riding capabilities and effectiveness. There is already a waiting list, as demand for these services is beyond current capacity.