True stories, though the names have been changed to protect children’s privacy

3-year-old Yossi could not walk to due to Cerebral Palsy. Despite his young age, Yossi was aware of his disability.  He began riding horses through IMH and perked up. In Winter, while he was sick and could not ride, he sank into severe depression, refusing all activities. His kindergarten made a walker with cardboard horses on the sides, and he became an enthusiastic student again.

Five year old Ilan was asked to leave school due to his inability to stay still, confrontational behavior, and his overall inability to focus. Riding improved his self-esteem, learning and social skills to a level that enabled him to be reintegrated in school.

Yosef, a socially isolated 8 year old, lacked, according to the evaluating psychiatrist, self-confidence and normal muscle development.  He began riding with IMH. Through riding, it was discovered that he was unusually weak, which was why he avoided being friends with other children.  Through riding he gained strength, believed in his body and his capacity more, had sensory improvement, and he gradually made friends.

A young girl with physical disabilities, Alexa, began riding with IMH. Riding improved her ability to walk, releasing tendons and ligaments. After a year, her planned ligament surgery was cancelled.  After 3 years she was able to walk!