“I want to thank you with all my heart for IMH’s support for the scholarship to the Therapeutic Riding Teachers course that I would not have been able to take without IMH.  Today I work 6 days a week as a trainer, working successfully with populations that are difficult to reach and who really need this help – children with physical and emotional disabilities, Autism, and at-risk youth.
Thank you for your help which changed my life and gave me the opportunity to change the lives of others”

Ilan Fishman
TR Trainer
“Thank you for your generosity, love, and partnership.  Together we have achieved much success!
  1. Educational approach: Our staff sees the deep emotional changes within every one of our youth due to the lessons matched to each, according to their abilities.
  2. Work with horses: The important connection with the horse builds within the youth high self-esteem, social sensitivity, teamwork, and self-confidence.
  3. Improving quality:  IMH doesn’t compromise its standard, passing its high standards and knowledge on to students and staff, while also teaching riding as a fun sport.
  4. Connection with the staff: IMH staff have a wonderful, consistent connection with our staff, putting in many hours of work, and careful planning of this special program.
We are so grateful.  It has been our great fortune to work with you.”
Leah Haviv
Chevruta School in Kfar Batya Youth Village

“This year we began TR activities for one of our classes.  Our students once a week experience activities of caring for and riding horses with professional TR instructors, under the supervision and coaching of IMH’s trainer.

Children from the regional public school next door also participate with our students.  We see in this program the opportunity to advance our students’ motor, communication, and daily life skills.  Our students love participating in this program – walking, riding, and caring for the horses.  All these activities take place in a non-threatening environment, designed to reduce stress.”

Galia Ronen
Principal, Dror School for Children with Autism, Kibbutz Mesilot